What type of security guard service do you offer?


We provide mutable levels of security guard services to our customers. We provide Security Guards, Security Officers, Armed Security Officers, Law Enforcement Officers, Security Supervisors, and Security Managers. The level of security services are contingent on the type of security coverage required and the number of man hours needed to provide the coverage.

Do security officer have the authority to make an arrest?


All states have various laws governing arrest. For example Indiana allows an arrest for felonies and breach of peace (such as fighting); while others are very limited. But for example, in Saint Louis, Security Officers have the same authority as a law enforcement officer while on duty and at the assigned security site. 

What types of rates do you charge?


Our security guard rates are charged by the hour based on the payroll of the security officer, the type of work involved, added risk, skill level, and equipment needed for the coverage. Security guard pay is the most important factor in setting the hourly rate; because, we are able to hire higher quality security staff if we are able to pay them a competitive hourly wage and offer better benefits. 

Does your company carry insurance?


We provide general liability insurance as it relates to the security industry and will cover false arrest, assault, neglect, personal injury, property damage, physical losses, and breach of security duties. We carry workers compensation according the work comp laws of the state. 

What type of security coverage do you provide?


We provide armed and unarmed security coverage to include retail, events, hotels, construction, industrial, facility checks, patrol services, short term, and long term services. If you need anything specialized such as any particular operation, then, give us a call and we will help you.

What goes into a quality security officer?


This is the most important aspect of our mission; that is to provide high quality security officers to protect life, liberty and property. We select security officers according to their qualifications and ability to provide excellent customer service. We assure we make the proper fit for our customers that will give our customers a profound sense of value when a security officer is assigned to the security site.