Mission, motto, General Instructions & core Values


Mission Statement:


To provide high quality security and investigative services in order to best protect liberty, lives and property for our clients and community.


  Helping business become safe, secure and more profitable. security guard St. Louis   

General Instructions

  1. I will take charge of my post and protect all personnel and property for which I am responsible until properly relieved.
  2. I will report all incidents observed on my post and contact my immediate superior in any case not covered by my instructions.
  3. I will sound the alarm in any case of disorder or emergency.

Core Values


 1. Providing Excellent Customer Service in a professional and ethical manner. As a security and investigative agency, we focus on providing excellent service in ways our competitors are not equipped or are willing to provide. Our agency will focus on avoidance of security and safety incidents by way of deterrence, observation, intervention, and accurate reporting. It’s always important that everyone provides excellent customer service for the client’s needs. 

2. Appearance and Demeanor as security officers and private investigators shall be above the industry’s standards. Officers or investigators professional appearance and demeanor shall reflect the Mission Statement, General Orders and policies of this company. In addition, it is highly encouraged that individual security officers adopt their own principles that go beyond the company’s standards and practices. 

3. Teamwork is the most critical element in the security industry. Teamwork is using individual skills and collectively bringing them together to create an effective and efficient working environment. Being positive and working together will create an enjoyable and low stress environment that will enable every employee to perform at their most optimum abilities. 

4. Authority to Protect people and personnel from bodily harm by an aggressor. All Security Officers are licensed by St Louis County Police and have the authority to make an arrest of a person the Security Officer reasonably believes to have committed a crime. All Security Officers are screened and trained by St Louis County in all levels of protection to include understanding criminal laws, use of force and tactical skills required to provide the best protection for the customers and community.