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Greg Miller – Founder, CEO & President (Security Guard Service)

Greg Miller is the Founder, CEO and President of Citizen’s Guard Security (Citizen’s Investigation, LLC). His career begun in military law enforcement in 1992 when he enlisted in the US Air Force and attend Security Police Law Enforcement Academe at Lakland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. His first assignment was off base police patrol at the 569th US Forces Police in Kaiserslautern, Germany.  While on patrol in Germany, Greg worked with the US Army Military Police, Office of Special Investigation (AFOSI), Criminal Investigation Division (Army CID) and German Polizi. He then transferred to Altus Air Force Base Oklahoma when he assisted with operations related to the 1994 Oklahoma City bombing.

In 1998 Greg went on to work for the Illinois Department of Corrections as a Correctional Officer.  During his time as a Correctional Officer, he worked at several prisons throughout Illinois to include death row at Pontiac Correctional Center. 

In 1999 Greg went on to become a certified law enforcement officer in the State of Illinois was was assigned police patrol. He was responsible with responding to emergencies, criminal investigations and community police relations. At times he would work as shift supervisor and also joined the County Drug Task Force. 

 In 2007 Greg moved on to work the civil side of the criminal justice system and was employed as a Legal Investigator with the Citizen’s Law Office. This is when he was inspired to be involved as a private practitioner in the civilian criminal justice field. He went on to earning an Associates degree in Criminal Justice System. 

 In 2009 Greg was hired by a non for profit agency that investigates complaints of governmental misconduct against private citizens. He was assigned to work as a Vitim’s Advocate, on behalf of victims of excessive force .He then, went on to become a Field Investigator and traveled throughout the USA conducting investigations involving various governmental agencies. 

 While working as a Field Investigator, in 2010 Greg became a Private Investigator and established his own investigative practice in Indiana. He was Agent in Charge of investigative work in Indiana. 2011 Greg earned a Bachelor’s degree in Pre-Law Studies. 2013 Greg founded Citizen’s Security and was CEO until he restructured and became Founder, CEO and President of Citizen’s Guard Security under Citizen’s Investigation, LLC. 

 Today his experience, values and  understanding of the security guard industry has enable him to be a leader in the security guard, armed security guard and private investigation industries in St Louis, Mo to include Florissant Maryland Heights Missouri